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Shakespeare's Globe:
The Complete Walk

Over the weekend of 23-24 April 2016, on the 400th aniversary of Shakespeare's death, Shakespeare's Globe's The Complete Walk project took place on London's South Bank. 37 specially-made 10 minute films were screened continuously throughout the weekend along the iconic 2.5 mile stretch between Westminster Bridge and Tower Bridge. Each film explores one of Shakespeare’s plays, and includes scenes shot in the locations Shakespeare imagined when he wrote them: Cleopatra in front of the Pyramids; Shylock in Venice’s former Jewish Ghetto; Hamlet on the rocks of Elsinore. Each film also includes footage of the play performed on stage, and original animation sequences directed by Lauren Orme.


The Complete Walk was an accessible, interactive way to celebrate Shakespeare’s life, work and legacy, exactly 400 years on from his death. Shakespeare's Globe will announce news on the availability of the films from The Complete Walk on their Twitter and Facebook soon.


Animation directed by Lauren Orme


Animation by Lauren Orme, Leonie Sharrock, Beatrice Theyrer, James Nutting, Kadesha Drija, Mia Rose Goddard, Owain Richards, Sara Hessam, Stan Evens, Ynyr Emlyn, Nicola Fisher and Sue Goddard.


Images © Jill Orme Photography.

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